Road Trip: Moose Jaw SK to Airdrie AB

Jack: One last picture in Saskatchewan, in a wheat field.
Fleur: I tried to eat some but I didn’t like it. I like Cheerios and they have wheat starch so I thought it would be the same but it’s not. Maybe it’s better with milk.
Jack: Maybe you should not try and eat everything.

Fleur: It was hot, it was so hot today that we didn’t get out much and when we did stop we just drank a lot an’ peed an’ got back in really quick.
Jack: Alberta.
Fleur: There are lots of cows and horses here, and cowboys. I want a cowboy hat! And boots! I wanna be a cowgirl! Because they get to be around cows! And cows make beef! I like beef!
Jack: (side-eye)


Jack: We saw this in Medicine Hat but didn’t get out. It’s the World’s Largest Teepee.
Fleur: I don’t like medicine. I like tea though. And I like to pee.
Jack: (side-eye)

Jack: Tomorrow is what Mom and Dad say is a “rest day”. We’re going to hang out with Dad here at the hotel while Mom goes to a museum someplace called Drumheller to see dinosaurs. Don’t know why, she was afraid of the ones that she thought were in our back yard at home. But we’ll be happy to have a break from the road.
Fleur: And we have a break from blogging too! Because we’re not doing anything but eating! We’ll see you the next day!


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