Road Trip: Mission BC to Victoria BC (The end of the road)

Fleur: Sleepy head! Get up! Last day on the road! GET UP GET UP GET UP! Jack: I'm tired. Fleur: We left Mission and went for a boat ride! It was the ferry to Vancouver Island! We were on it! Jack: Yes, yes, we were. Fleur: Here we are at the terminal! There was vending... Continue Reading →


Road Trip: Revelstoke BC to Mission BC

Fleur: We got up this morning in the Rockies! And tomorrow we'll be at the end of our trip! And we had a hamburger and Jack didn't want his half so I had ALL of it! What a great day! Jack: It was hot. Fleur: We drove along the Columbia River! There wasn't anywhere for... Continue Reading →

Road Trip: Sudbury to Terrace Bay

Fleur: Terrance Bay! We're almost back home! We're almost back home! Jack: Terrace Bay, Fleur, Terrace Bay--we're not turning around now Fleur: Oh. Jack: We left that Big Nickel this morning. Then we stopped to take a picture of a Big Goose at Wawa. Fleur: Goose is good--can we eat the goose? We couldn't eat... Continue Reading →

The Road Trip Indigestion Blues

Hittin’ the highway, way out of town Don’t have a schedule weighing us down Don’t have a set mealtime, don’t have a set plan We’ll eat when we’re hungry, wherever we can Stop for some breakfast, the doughnuts look good Maybe we scarfed down more than we should But we don’t have a mealtime, don’t... Continue Reading →

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