Road Trip: Airdrie AB to Revelstoke BC


Jack: We had a rest day yesterday, Mom took off to see some place with dinosaurs, and it was so hot we just hung out in the hotel room with Dad.
Fleur: I didn’t like just hanging out! I wanted to be on the road! Get up Mom! Wake up sleepy Jack! It’s BREAKFAST TIME!
Jack: We don’t eat breakfast.
Fleur: We could though.
Jack: (eye roll) We got on the road. Soon we saw these mountains in the distance.
Fleur: We were headed to a giant chocolate shop!
Jack: No we weren’t.
Fleur: Yes! Mommy said it was the Rocky Mountains, and that’s a candy factory!
Jack: Not that Rocky Mountain, THE Rocky Mountains.
Fleur: Can you eat them?
Jack: (side eye)
Jack: We drove through Banff National Park and saw these bridges, called wildlife crossings.
Fleur: Mommy said elk and deer and moose and stuff walk over them! But we didn’t see any! Or any mountain goats! Or bighorn sheep! Or grizzly bears! Or chocolate!
Jack: Banff park turns into Yoho national park on the British Columbia side.
Fleur: We were hot! We stopped at a lake and had a swim and it was so much fun! ‘Member Jack? ‘Member how much fun that was? We swam a lot! Water was cold and felt so good! But there was no fish! Remember when we were leaving and that lady pulled into the lot and asked Mommy and Daddy if we could have a treat and she gave us a treat? Remember that?
Jack: Yes.
Jack: We stopped in Revelstoke for the night. Dad says we are taking our time and not driving as far on our last couple of days.
Fleur: And then we had more treats waiting at the hotel! And a sausage room! Imagine a whole room full of sausages!
Jack: That doesn’t say “sausage”. It says “massage”.
Fleur: Oh.


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