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jack and fleur

Road Trip: Moose Jaw SK to Airdrie AB

Jack: One last picture in Saskatchewan, in a wheat field. Fleur: I tried to eat some but I didn't like it. I like Cheerios and they have wheat starch so I thought it would be the same but it's not.... Continue Reading →

Road Trip: Brandon MB to Moose Jaw SK

Fleur: We couldn't get out much today because it rained and rained and then stopped a bit then rained some more first day it rained so much! And we are water dogs but don't like rain! It makes my hair... Continue Reading →

Road Trip: Dryden ONT to Brandon MB

Fleur: What's Trip Advisor? Jack: That's the website Mom's heading to after this hotel stay to warn other people. Fleur: I didn't like it! I went to sleep finally but had to get up at 3 to pee and Daddy... Continue Reading →

Road Trip: Terrace Bay to Dryden, Ontario

Jack: We had our pictures taken in front of this lighthouse. I don't think it's real. But it made the folks happy so we posed. Terrace Bay Lighthouse, read more here Jack:Then we stopped in Thunder Bay to see this... Continue Reading →

Road Trip: Sudbury to Terrace Bay

Fleur: Terrance Bay! We're almost back home! We're almost back home! Jack: Terrace Bay, Fleur, Terrace Bay--we're not turning around now Fleur: Oh. Jack: We left that Big Nickel this morning. Then we stopped to take a picture of a... Continue Reading →

Road Trip! (In which 2 Newfs Hijack the Blog)

Seeing as how we are making our way across the country with our 2 Newfoundland dogs, there's not a lot of exciting eating going on. Can't exactly head out to a trendy restaurant, or take a side trip for some... Continue Reading →

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