Road Trip: Brandon MB to Moose Jaw SK

Fleur: We couldn’t get out much today because it rained and rained and then stopped a bit then rained some more first day it rained so much! And we are water dogs but don’t like rain! It makes my hair frizzy!
Jack: Too wet.
Fleur: We dozed a lot because we had a spa day yesterday when Mommy cleaned our ears and brushed me a bit and we had a great hotel because there was lots of room to spread out!
Jack: Peace and quiet.
Jack: It stopped raining a bit. We got out at a rest stop. Mom took our picture.
Fleur: There wasn’t anything to eat so we left.

Jack: This train came by.

Fleur: Then we made it to Moose Jaw where some snowbirds live! I like birds! I like chicken!
Jack: You can’t eat the Snowbirds.

Fleur: What about the moose? Can we eat the moose?
Jack: There’s no moose.
Fleur: Not even a jaw?
Jack: Moose Jaw doesn’t mean buffet for Fleur.
Fleur: What does it mean?
Jack: Read it here. Then go to sleep Fleur, we have a busy day tomorrow!


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