Lobster Mac ‘n’ Cheese, please!

Best thing about writing a food poem daily is that I eat daily. So if I'm not hit by a bolt of genius, I can fall back on what I had for supper. It's getting late, I cannot wait I'd like my supper on my plate Grate the cheese, if you please As the lobster... Continue Reading →


undecided eats

Untitled Eats has settled in at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, with a fresh, vibrant modern interior appeal and by the looks of my sandwich, a fresh, vibrant menu. 14.00 for a lobster roll seems a little steep, compared to offerings from roadside takeouts and hole in the wall diners, but the pricing's in... Continue Reading →

Roe is me!

The great thing about being a food lover is that you can never know everything there is to know about your passion, anybody pretends to otherwise is either a liar or self delusional fool. Our cooking instructor told us on the first day that coming in, we knew nothing and by the time we graduated,... Continue Reading →

Random Facts: Lobster

Scientists believe that lobsters do not get old and could potentially live indefinitely, since their organs do not degenerate. Atlantic Lobster does not feel pain when he immersed into hot water due to its decentralized nervous system (it has no brain, just a series of ganglia). The Atlantic Lobster does not have any vocal cords... Continue Reading →

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