Lobster roll @ untitled eats, AGNS

Untitled Eats has settled in at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, with a fresh, vibrant modern interior appeal and by the looks of my sandwich, a fresh, vibrant menu.
14.00 for a lobster roll seems a little steep, compared to offerings from roadside takeouts and hole in the wall diners, but the pricing’s in line for a meal in a museum type setting (although this one is very, very tiny.) This one looks like it could be hung on the wall, so my hopes are high for taste, and I go in for the first bite.
Lobster, tender. Lime cilantro mayo, not feeling the lime. Or the cilantro.

See? Tiny. That’s a regular size fork dwarfing the roll.

And the other major component of the sandwich is the roll and oh, dear. This one is stale. Stale, stale, stale. No amount of watery mayo can erase the dryness as the crumb of the bread crumbles and rattles around my mouth.

So why I am undecided? I loved the space, it’s open, roomy and a nice foil for the art. The menu looks interesting, and there’s a full bar, and the service was just fine. The lobster, undoubtedly the star of the roll, was moist and tender. If I were still a professional critic, I’d go back for another visit.
But as a civilian diner, I haven’t yet decided.