Does this urn make my ash look big?

For a disease that robs your future, there sure is a lot of advanced planning with ALS. This past few weeks, we took care of three things pertaining to end-of-life. First up, Island Health folks stopped by and I was registered as a palliative patient, and with hospice, which allows us access to a wide... Continue Reading →


Perspective: Toilet Humour

After my last post, I received some lovely comments about how I was handling adversity with grace and dignity and such--which is all quite nice, and much appreciated, but clearly these folks didn't see me this morning trying to dress myself and putting both legs into one leg of my pyjama pants (which are, by... Continue Reading →


With major life changes come shifts in perspective; since my diagnosis I've had many such shifts, some as tumultuous as the shift of a tectonic plate, others less so. Like this morning's change of perspective. Using a wheelchair, still somewhat new to me, has changed my actual physical perspective, lowering my eye level. If it... Continue Reading →

NaPoWriMo: Paleo-ing

I once found a recipe bucket, Labeled “Paleo-try it, don’t chuck it!” After seing detailed All that entailed Well if this is a trend, I say buck it. I kid, of course. But I assume if you're eating like a caveman you're eschewing modern forms of communication and will have no way of seeing this,... Continue Reading →

NaPoWriMo: Afternoon Tea

Last week, while on a photography outing, my friend Stella and I stopped for lunch at Adrienne's Tea Room. Afternoon tea is a big stinking deal around Victoria, a lingering Colonial tradition, and I am all about many small bites instead of a major commitment to one type of food, so of course that's what... Continue Reading →

True story: Poppin’ Caps

I thought I was going to die that night. That long, lonely stretch of highway between the airport and home seemed especially desolate in mid-winter's chill; small white wooden crosses scattered roadside serving as silent sentinels, reminders that some didn't make it home. With freezing temperatures and the chance of black ice, I was completely... Continue Reading →

Sunday Small Bites

A weekly roundup of tasty tidbits for your eatertainment! When I set about writing A Real Newfoundland Scoff, my most personal project, I had no idea of how it would be received. I have been amazed and humbled by the interest and support in the book, and so many folks had asked about a getting... Continue Reading →

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