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Money Can’t Buy Me Love

But it can buy everything from walkers to motorized wheelchairs, from custom leg braces to hospital beds, from mental health counselling to round-the-clock personal in-home care. In BC, all ALS patients who register with the BC ALS society are taken... Continue Reading →


Years ago, far from our families and alone for the holidays, we decided to go to a hotel for the Christmas Day buffet. It was almost a magical experience; at a window table in the historic hotel's original grand ballroom,... Continue Reading →

Road Trip: Mission BC to Victoria BC (The end of the road)

Fleur: Sleepy head! Get up! Last day on the road! GET UP GET UP GET UP! Jack: I'm tired. Fleur: We left Mission and went for a boat ride! It was the ferry to Vancouver Island! We were on it!... Continue Reading →

Victoria, Briefly

Holy Cow where does the time go? We've sold our house and are wrapping up the final arrangements for our move west, but before the wagon train pulls out permanently, we headed out for a brief visit to check out... Continue Reading →

Around The Table

So I've been away from blogging longer than I planned. First, my NaPoWriMo run came to an abrupt end one day short of month end when the flu I thought I had turned out to be pneumonia, confirmed by a... Continue Reading →

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