top chef canada returns!

Season 2 cast of cheftestants unveiled here Interesting assortment: not as provincially representative as the first season, but a ton of talent with lots of big names in their backgrounds. Who'll be the "bad guy"? Who's the "dark horse"? Who's the "crack under pressure" one? Who thinks overuse of quotation marks is annoying? Meet me... Continue Reading →


top chef canada week 12

Missed last week, I was sitting here, fingers poised, all set to go, when two fighting raccoons, a luna moth, and my two newfs spoiled that plan. I'll spare the details, but suffice to say it took me away for a bit. and I only like to recap live, so... francois went home ūüė¶ morning... Continue Reading →

top chef canada week week 10

An alarm goes off and cheftestants wake up. Lots of morning interviews. Connie feels terrible for being on the bottom last week. You know, is there really absolutely nothing new to be said in these interviews? Guest judge is Lynn Crawford and the in flight team from Porter Airlines! ¬†Airplane food! ¬†How can you not... Continue Reading →

top chef canada week 9

Roger Mooking (silliest name ever for a chef) is the guest judge for the quickfire, which is to create a dish based on a specific number of ingredients. They draw knifes, numbers ranging from 4-16. Salt, pepper and oil are freebies. The winner gets an unlimited budget for shopping for the elimination challenge (I'd buy... Continue Reading →

top chef canada week 8

Andrea is feeling the brunt of being Cookie McBitchy on the line last challenge. Quickfire Challenge? ¬†Team! ¬†Not looking good for Andrea. Francois and Rob are captains. They pick their teams. Andrea is last picked but she's a force to be reckoned with! ¬†I think she is, totally. The challenge is one of those silly... Continue Reading →

top chef canada week 7

Back after a break to deal with some family business.¬† And just my luck, Michael Smith is the guest judge for the Quickfire. Remember his downtown Halifax restaurant Maple? The secret ingredient is All Bran cereal--and they have to create an inspired dish with it. I suspect product placement. Can there BE more boxes of... Continue Reading →

top chef canada week 4

This may be spottier than usual, I'm bouncing back and forth between election results and top chef. Yes, a DVD/R would be very useful tonight. If I could figure out how to work one--the VCR never did have the right time set. Skip the opening foolishness and jump right into QF challenge--Susur Lee will be... Continue Reading →

top chef canada week 3

Last week, Rebekah went home. Oh, there she is looking so happy in the credits. Poor Rebekah! Chefs waking up and spouting trite reality phrases--better with coffee! Off to the kitchen. Quickfire--MM says we're going to "examine the process of taste", so here's the blind taste test. Patrick says covering his eyes up is like... Continue Reading →

top chef canada week 2

Quickfire challenge--cheese!¬† Cook with Canadian cheese!¬† How hard can that be?¬† Apparently, very difficult. Dale and Francois don't finish in time, and Clayton sucks. Todd from Newfoundland wins!¬† Yeah, Todd, represent!¬† He gets immunity and is quite pleased, actually, he looks pretty relieved.¬† Here's a BIG twist!¬† This is a high stakes quickfire!¬† The bottom... Continue Reading →

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