top chef canada week 12

Missed last week, I was sitting here, fingers poised, all set to go, when two fighting raccoons, a luna moth, and my two newfs spoiled that plan. I'll spare the details, but suffice to say it took me away for a bit. and I only like to recap live, so... francois went home ūüė¶ morning... Continue Reading →


critic on the critics thursdays

Where to get ice cream is the foodie feature in the Coast. I already have a spot so I turn to HeraldSpurr, who trumpets the goodness of the Lower Deck. I haven't been back to the Lower Deck since I almost died from being trapped on the stickiness of the bathroom floors, after spending a... Continue Reading →

top chef canada week week 10

An alarm goes off and cheftestants wake up. Lots of morning interviews. Connie feels terrible for being on the bottom last week. You know, is there really absolutely nothing new to be said in these interviews? Guest judge is Lynn Crawford and the in flight team from Porter Airlines! ¬†Airplane food! ¬†How can you not... Continue Reading →

critic on the critics thursdays

HeraldSpurr reviews a golf club restaurant--c'mon Bill, how many of your readers will eat there? ¬†You're not getting lazy are you? Whilst over at the Coast, Craig Pinhey writes about Canada's antiquated border booze laws that restrict consumer choice and put us at the whim of the NSLC. Which kind of fits right in with... Continue Reading →

top chef canada week 9

Roger Mooking (silliest name ever for a chef) is the guest judge for the quickfire, which is to create a dish based on a specific number of ingredients. They draw knifes, numbers ranging from 4-16. Salt, pepper and oil are freebies. The winner gets an unlimited budget for shopping for the elimination challenge (I'd buy... Continue Reading →

critic on the critics thursdays-part deux

This week, CoastHill does the requisite summer roundup of street food with Bud the Spud starring, and HeraldSpurr goes Vietnamese with Indochine Bahn mi. Meh. (crickets chirping here). Although Spurr does go on the offensive and cuts off the typical response that comes with any ethnic resto review--somebody will write in to let you know... Continue Reading →

critic on the critics thursdays-last week

I missed posting last week but got a few interesting questions so I'm going to revisit. CoastBuote hit the Humani T cafe, with mixed results. I find it interesting that it appears from the article that she only made one trip. I never wrote anything negative unless I had visited a place at least twice,... Continue Reading →

top chef canada week 8

Andrea is feeling the brunt of being Cookie McBitchy on the line last challenge. Quickfire Challenge? ¬†Team! ¬†Not looking good for Andrea. Francois and Rob are captains. They pick their teams. Andrea is last picked but she's a force to be reckoned with! ¬†I think she is, totally. The challenge is one of those silly... Continue Reading →

critic on the critics thursdays

CoastBuote likes the Bicycle Thief (who wouldn't?) and HeraldSpurr visits Two if By Sea for some croissant love and a truck with something different to offer--soup. Soup's on the Move was wedged between Farmer Clem's and Irving on the Bedford Highway, but has moved over to Dartmouth for the summer. And speaking of soup, this... Continue Reading →

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