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The Return of Supper Snaps, as a Contest!

If you'd like a chance to win a signed copy of A Real Newfoundland Scoff, come visit my Facebook page here to enter the Supper Snaps Contest!

Supper Snaps: Fundraisers to NASCAR snax to BC pot, it’s all here!

And so the Supper Snaps series comes to an end; thanks to everyone that shared their pictures over the past few months. I've enjoyed chronicling dinners, but I've been using the idea as a crutch; instead of buckling down for... Continue Reading →

Supper Snaps: Company’s Coming!

Special guests warrant special dinners, and I decided to work from my Italian repertoire. One of my favourite cuisines, it lends itself to family style dishes with make-ahead preparation and no fuss so that the cook can enjoy the company... Continue Reading →

Supper Snaps: The Supper of Our Discontent

First World problems: ate too much last night, not overly hungry tonight. Moped around the kitchen and settled on canned soup. Ham sandwich added last minute. Not every night is gourmet night. What did YOU have for supper?

Supper Snaps: What’s Your Beef?

Once a week, usually on a Sunday or Monday night, I go through the fridge and out come the leftovers. Tonight, we had a small piece of roast beef from the freezer, and plenty of vegetables left over or rapidly... Continue Reading →

Supper Snaps: Pulled Pork & More!

Having had a fairly large restaurant brunch meal, we opted for a somewhat lighter supper. Pulled pork with our favourite red onions, peasant rolls from a local bakery, and roasted sweet potatoes. Three other Supper Snaps to share: From J.... Continue Reading →

Supper Snaps: Smoked Salmon Club

Inspired by the discovery of the best sourdough bread I've ever had, I present the Smoked Salmon Club. From top to bottom: Capers Lemon aioli Wild pacific smoked salmon Hothouse tomatoes Bacon Caramelized red onions Spinach sautéed with olive oil... Continue Reading →

Supper Snaps: Dogs’ Dinner

We had leftovers, which weren't nearly as interesting as what the pups enjoyed tonight: chicken necks, sardines, ground lamb. SuperBowl Sunday--bet you all had chili 🙂

Supper Snaps: Bombay Buffet

Okay, so it's Mumbai now, and not Bombay, but I was going for the alliterative. Butter chicken, Chicken Tikka Masala, Punjabi Lamb, Channa Masala, Vegetable Korma, Basmati Rice & Na'an. Below left: Lots of dishes make for some juggling on... Continue Reading →

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