NaPoWriMo: Macbeth’s Soup

In which I interpret Shakespeare loosely, because I think all the twisted sisters were doing here was trying to decide what to make for supper. Willy's original handiwork is featured first, followed by my scribblings. Macbeth William Shakespeare Act IV, Scene 1 A dark Cave. In the middle, a Caldron boiling. Thunder. Enter the three... Continue Reading →


A Grain of Salt

The Salt Shaker Deli in Lunenburg, casual little sister to sophisticated older sibling Fleur de Sel. I've been wanting to visit for awhile, and with the tourist season winding down, we finally snag a table at this perennially packed eatery. The deck is still open, and hardy diners are enjoying the warm October sun, ignoring... Continue Reading →

Three fish, four fish, here’s some more fish!

Continuing Slow Fish Month recognition, here's a recipe from my book Chowders & Soups. It's got plenty of seasonings and bold flavours, and heat for these cooler autumn nights. Enjoy! Mexican Seafood Soup Serves 4-6 If you’re not a hot spice lover, replace the chipotle pepper and hot sauce with chile powder to your taste.... Continue Reading →

Boo-ya base

I'm a great speller, always have been. But there are a couple of words that no matter how hard I try to memorize, I just cannot get the letters in the right order, and "bouillabaisse" is one of them. Just had to Google it, in fact. Now with Hallowe'en coming and all, I'm riffing on... Continue Reading →

Hfx Tastes-Favourites

(photo is an iphoto shot of the picture in the book; original photo by Scott Munn) One of the questions I've been asked a lot about Hfx Tastes is what my favourite recipe is. Having kitchen tested each of them at home, some of them many times over, they're all special. Some I prefer the... Continue Reading →

Alphabet Soup

Wondering what to put in your soup? Here are some suggestions, from A to Z. Asparagus makes a light spring broth Beets will stain the tablecloth Carrots bring sweet undertones Dandelion greens for adventurous zones Eggplant roasted, for middle east flair Fiddleheads when spring is in the air Garam masala for Indian flavour Ham bones... Continue Reading →

WOTS up?

    This year, Halifax's Word on the Street festival has an exciting addition:the Cooks & Books stage!  And guess what? I'm going to be there with Chowders and Soups! And in esteemed company, at that. Michael Howell, one of my contemporary culinary idols, will be there. Legendary Grillmaster Ted Reader will be on hand, as... Continue Reading →


Wow! With one last signing at Coles in HSC yesterday, SOUPLAH drew to a close and what an experience it's been! They might be my recipes, but that's where the "I" ends in the book business. Thank you to everyone who came out at all three stops: family, friends, coworkers, collaborators, and long time readers.... Continue Reading →

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