Three fish, four fish, here’s some more fish!

Continuing Slow Fish Month recognition, here's a recipe from my book Chowders & Soups. It's got plenty of seasonings and bold flavours, and heat for these cooler autumn nights. Enjoy! Mexican Seafood Soup Serves 4-6 If you’re not a hot spice lover, replace the chipotle pepper and hot sauce with chile powder to your taste.... Continue Reading →


Boo-ya base

I'm a great speller, always have been. But there are a couple of words that no matter how hard I try to memorize, I just cannot get the letters in the right order, and "bouillabaisse" is one of them. Just had to Google it, in fact. Now with Hallowe'en coming and all, I'm riffing on... Continue Reading →

One Fish, Two Fish, Slow Fish, New Fish

Did you know October is Slow Fish Month? I, woefully, did not, until last night. Slow Fish is a campaign launched by Slow Food Canada, as a way of connecting Canadians with their marine meals. In a maritime province like Nova Scotia, it's pretty important to our food resources to understand where and how our... Continue Reading →

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