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slow fish month

Three fish, four fish, here’s some more fish!

Continuing Slow Fish Month recognition, here's a recipe from my book Chowders & Soups. It's got plenty of seasonings and bold flavours, and heat for these cooler autumn nights. Enjoy! Mexican Seafood Soup Serves 4-6 If you’re not a hot... Continue Reading →

Boo-ya base

I'm a great speller, always have been. But there are a couple of words that no matter how hard I try to memorize, I just cannot get the letters in the right order, and "bouillabaisse" is one of them. Just... Continue Reading →

One Fish, Two Fish, Slow Fish, New Fish

Did you know October is Slow Fish Month? I, woefully, did not, until last night. Slow Fish is a campaign launched by Slow Food Canada, as a way of connecting Canadians with their marine meals. In a maritime province like... Continue Reading →

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