The Meaning of Life, Sorta

The purpose of life is to discover your gift. The work of life is to develop it. The meaning of life is to give your gift away. --David Viscott,¬†American psychiatrist & author After my last post, in which I mused about my purpose in life, my friend Regina sent along the above quote. It really... Continue Reading →


Silvern Voices, revisited

Back in November 2014, I started a novel based on an idea I'd been nursing along since the previous spring. After a long break, I'm revisiting Silvern Voices and will post excerpts here and there as I write. How a freelance food writer fell into the abyss of working on a horror novel is revealed... Continue Reading →

Here's the menu, as the picture is not that clear: Small Plates & Bowls Snow Crab Bisque 12 Curried Split Pea Soup with Coconut Milk 9 Breads & Spreads: Smoked Capelin Pate/Seal Rillettes/Rabbit Compote 15 Beet Carpaccio 10 Warm Mushroom Dandelion Salad 9 Marinated Mussel Salad 12 Large Plates & Bowls Asian Tea-Smoked Cod 22... Continue Reading →

Silvern Voices-Excerpt 3

Plugging away at this despite the fact I'm starting to scare myself. Why couldn't I have come up with workable premise for a novel about cupcakes? This is a very short passage that marks a transition from intangible to concrete. Rowena Hall checked the schedule on the housekeeping bulletin board and was pleased to see... Continue Reading →

Silvern Voices-excerpt #2

This scene happens within in the first couple of chapters, when the staff can still believe their imaginations are running away with them. This particular incident is based on one that happened to me (Moira is fictional, her experience in the elevator is not, for the most part), while working at the hotel which serves... Continue Reading →

Silvern Voices-Opening Scene

Yesterday's writer's block had vapourized by this morning. Finally unlocked by focusing on something completely different, in this case an updated smartphone, the words have been running all day. So much so that instead of getting off the novel train of thought to board another, I'm going to offer the opening scene as my blog... Continue Reading →

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