Trout, Out

Because some things just can't be mailed in a care package. Oh how we long for small brook trout For ten long months we've been without In frying pan while butter sizzles, With crispy skins and pale pink middles Our family sent some bottled moose Best heated up in it's own juice A jar of... Continue Reading →


ACT 11-Pond Inlet

Resuming our Armchair Culinary Tour, we stay here in Canada--but pretty far North. Destination: Pond Inlet, Nunavut Where: In Northern Baffin Island, Pond Island is one of the most northerly inhabited settlements that does not function solely as a weather or research station. Snapshot: A predominantly Inuit community (pop. c 1500), growing business of eco-tourism... Continue Reading →

So a baby seal walks into a club…

Sarah McLachlan became the latest in a line of celebrities to protest Canada's east coast seal hunt.  I remember Brigitte Bardot on the ice floes in the 70's, while Newfoundlanders huddled around the CBC news and alternately berated and ogled her.  Larry King hosted Paul McCartney and the gold-digger, and their misinformed ranting; they were taken down... Continue Reading →

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