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Freestyle Chowder Base

Tomorrow, we are welcoming our first visit from family since moving west. Traditionally, whenever family crossed the Strait from Newfoundland to our house in Nova Scotia, we'd have a pot of seafood chowder waiting. Asking what our company might like... Continue Reading →

Victoria, Briefly

Holy Cow where does the time go? We've sold our house and are wrapping up the final arrangements for our move west, but before the wagon train pulls out permanently, we headed out for a brief visit to check out... Continue Reading →

Chowders and Soups

Excuse me!  Excuse me!  Pay attention to ME!  Ahem. My Chowders & Soups book is here. IT'S HERE! IN MY HAND! This is the fourth cookbook I've done, but the first one that hasn't been a collection of other chef's... Continue Reading →

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