A pair of deer-one pear, oh dear!

We have a lot of deer hanging out near where we live; urban deer with no natural predators and only the occasional dog to worry about makes for bold deer. So this happened last week. As I'm coming down the steps from the house, I look up to see two deer, one on each side... Continue Reading →


Just Peachy

I've been working on a writing project that's taking more time than I expected, and so have neglected my blog, which I promised myself I wouldn't do but hey, the road to hell paved with good intentions and all that... Joyce, the bringer of good things, came by with some local peaches that she'd bottled.... Continue Reading →

Freestyle Chowder Base

Tomorrow, we are welcoming our first visit from family since moving west. Traditionally, whenever family crossed the Strait from Newfoundland to our house in Nova Scotia, we'd have a pot of seafood chowder waiting. Asking what our company might like for supper, and the response was chowder. And so the tradition continues! Of course, the... Continue Reading →

Give Peas a Chance

Chatting with a woman in the grocery store line-up today, and she mentioned that she picked up a ham hock to make split pea soup. Instantly, I was transported back in time, across the country, and to the split pea soup of my childhood. That soup was salty with ham, thick enough to float bricks... Continue Reading →

Hamming it up

Cooler weather has set in, and with it, the desire for more substantial, belly-warming meals. One of our favourite meals for late fall is a comfort food classic, ham with scalloped potatoes. Thing is, that's a lot of leftovers when there are only two people eating it, so the question is, what to do with... Continue Reading →

A Char-ming Gift

Years ago, I cooked at a restaurant that served wild Arctic char from Labrador; although I've had char here and there since then, it never seemed to match the taste of that Labrador char. Just recently, I was gifted a few large Arctic char filets, beside myself with excitement, I could hardly wait to see... Continue Reading →

Falling into comfort food

The leaves are changing colour and a chill is creeping into the ever-lengthing evening shadows, and memories of autumns past come rushing to the fore. The fall was when my mother- and father-in-law made their pilgrimage from Newfoundland to Nova Scotia to visit us; after his passing, my mother-in-law continued to make the trip and... Continue Reading →

Testing, testing, one-two-three.

You know when you pick up a cookbook, and choose a recipe, and then make it, and it turns out? That's a result of a well-written recipe that had a lot of work in the background before it got to you. And to make them that way, a lot of kitchen testing was involved. These... Continue Reading →

Limoncello Tiramisu

Tirami su (Italian "pick me up") One of my favourite desserts to trot out for company is tiramisu; most people love it, it's make ahead easy, and there's usually enough left in the bowl to lick clean so I don't have to wait for dinner for a taste. A twist on the typical espresso-soaked ladyfingers... Continue Reading →

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