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Supper Snaps: The Magical Animal

Maple and dijon glazed pork loin with carrot, sweet potato and parsnip mash, roasted beets and onions. Ah, the pig. What a delightfully tasty, juicy, fat-filled beast. From tip to tail, brawn to trotter, the pig goes whole hog when... Continue Reading →

The Magical Animal

Happened to catch a rerun of the Simpsons recently, it was the one where Homer has just listed off a bunch of meat cuts. Lisa has pointed out they are all from the pig, and Homer responds with scornful derision... Continue Reading →

Altbier, Altstadt, All Schweinefleisch

At Dusseldorf’s heart is the Altstadt (“Old Town”); this pedestrian area stretching about half a square kilometer out from the banks of the Rhine is historical, beautiful, and nicknamed “the longest bar in the world”. Altbier (“Old Beer”) is Dusseldorf’s... Continue Reading →

Mustard by Mail

My mailbox: such a utilitarian little cube, set in bank of similar squares, nothing special to look at. Yet I feel a frisson of excitement, a tiny rush of anticipation, every time I turn the small key. Because I never... Continue Reading →

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