Supper Snaps: The Magical Animal

Maple and dijon glazed pork loin with carrot, sweet potato and parsnip mash, roasted beets and onions. Ah, the pig. What a delightfully tasty, juicy, fat-filled beast. From tip to tail, brawn to trotter, the pig goes whole hog when it comes to providing ways to enjoy it's flesh. All hail the pig! ❤


The Magical Animal

Happened to catch a rerun of the Simpsons recently, it was the one where Homer has just listed off a bunch of meat cuts. Lisa has pointed out they are all from the pig, and Homer responds with scornful derision “Sure, like the pig is some magical animal!”Well, actually Homer….The Magical PigThe pork is set... Continue Reading →

Altbier, Altstadt, All Schweinefleisch

At Dusseldorf’s heart is the Altstadt (“Old Town”); this pedestrian area stretching about half a square kilometer out from the banks of the Rhine is historical, beautiful, and nicknamed “the longest bar in the world”. Altbier (“Old Beer”) is Dusseldorf’s famous beer, brewed from a traditional recipe, served in brewpubs, and an absolute must for... Continue Reading →

Mustard by Mail

My mailbox: such a utilitarian little cube, set in bank of similar squares, nothing special to look at. Yet I feel a frisson of excitement, a tiny rush of anticipation, every time I turn the small key. Because I never know just what could be behind door #6. Could be the usual bills, flyers, offers,... Continue Reading →

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