Memories of Another Life

I dance to the music of dinner service A cacophony of clatter Pans sizzling, pots boiling, Knives hitting cutting boards with staccato bursts The printer raucously spewing order chits I dance to the music of dinner service Orders barked from the pass Filled with precision Controlled chaos coalesces into Perfect plates expedited to waiting servers... Continue Reading →


ALS Awareness: Last Word

Strip my bones, make sinews scream As muscles waste away Erode my independence, day by day Legs hang useless, arms grow weak Next, rip away my strength to speak Diaphragm slows, a struggle for breath.  ...I will lose, you'll have my death But until then, I won't give in.          I'll give... Continue Reading →

ALS Awareness Month: Mindfulness

Aware of the tiger that feeds relentlessly mercilessly stripping away muscle and sinew on his own timeline, indefatigable until gradually the bones are picked clean and his prey, completely consumed Aware of the warmth of the late spring sun clouds drifting across the bluest of skies waves painting the shoreline in broad, lazy strokes yellow... Continue Reading →

Nonet: Up

To the kitchen I wheeled, listless and emotionally sandbagged. I looked through glass, and was gifted this eagle soaring, lost feathers be damned. I was uplifted, as though his wings were mine. *A nonet is a nine line poem in which the first line contains nine syllables, the second line eight syllables, and so on... Continue Reading →

Life house

We’ll not grow old, denied our chance By twist of cruelest circumstance We dreamed but we could not foresee Those dreams, our dreams, they’ll die with me A union forged in youth naïve In hasty passion first conceived Then stitched and bound with common thread Til in each other’s hearts we bled And when foundation... Continue Reading →

NaPoWriMo 2015

April is National Poetry Writing Month, and that means that you, dear readers, will be subject to 30 straight days of bad verse. As in previous years, I'll be featuring food, and also as in previous years, not spending a lot of time on each one. Between preparing for the release of A Real Newfoundland... Continue Reading →

Twitterverse Buffet Nonet*

Cacophony of tweets, chirps, whistles Juncos, chickadees, spotted towhees Murmuration of starlings Intent,raiding feeders When stealth shadow falls Eerie stillness The buffet Opens Now *A nonet is a nine line poem, with the opening line having nine syllables, the next line 8, and so on down to the final line of one syllable. I like... Continue Reading →


Upon settling into our temporary home, in a fairly secluded cottage outside Victoria, one of the first things we did was have friends over for dinner. I'm big on all the gathering round the table and breaking bread business, and my girl friend is hilarious, and quite frankly, after an 11 day drive across the... Continue Reading →

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