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From L-R: Boning, Filleting, Slicer, Serrated, Chef's/French, paring, tourneeing (turning) These are my own knives, and I only trust them to Pete Nowlan at New Edge. Just like with any trade, cooking relies on using the right tool for the right job. In the culinary world, the knife is an extension of the chef's hand;... Continue Reading →


Giving Thanks: Top 10 Local Foodie Folks I’m Thankful For

In random order, these are the local foodie folks to whom I'm giving thanks this year. I'd love to hear your picks! 1. The Bertossis, Maurizio and Stephanie: for great restaurants like da Maurizio, Bish, Bicycle Thief, Il Mercato (x2), and a Mano; for instilling the service culture in their staff, and the importance of... Continue Reading →

Cutting Edge pt 3

My favourite french knife suffered what I thought was a fatal injury--the tip was broken, leaving the end of the blade blunted, and a good deal shorter than it had been. This particular knife sat perfectly in my hand, with a beautiful rocker motion that was lost once the tip was broken. I caught wind... Continue Reading →

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