Land of Smoke & Fog

The mainland BC forest fires continue to rage, and the smoke has now drifted over Southern Vancouver Island. There's no world outside the cove, and that suits my mood of the last day. I don't very often allow myself to wallow in self-pity, to indulge in "why meeeeee" wailing; that's not to say I don't... Continue Reading →


You are getting sleeeepppyyyy…

When I was first diagnosed with ALS, the one thing I could not get under control was the fear. More than a fear actually, it was the sheer terror of knowing the horrific journey I was headed on, the gradual shutdown of all muscular function ending with a death likely from suffocation as my respiratory... Continue Reading →


hundreds, thousands, pairs of tiny wings separately beat, yet together they swoop, dive, soar, move as one, lifting my heart aloft my spirit soaring my faith restored my soul soothed once again, hope My friends, new and old, and ones I didn't even know I had, who came out to support ALS walks across the... Continue Reading →

Sunset Promises

Here in the cove, we've witnessed many incredible sunsets, like the above picture. Tonight's sunset, below, was not particularly spectacular, unless maybe you see things a little differently. Sunset Promises Wind-whipped whitecaps turn blue water grey Rain menaced, no delivery Stormy skies, blue in hiding Evening light drains then Sinking sun flashes! Assures me that... Continue Reading →

Insomnia (not enough sheep)

Insomnia Nonnet Sun setting, night falls, sandman rising Blithely skipping over my bed Counting sheep, I want braised shanks Warm milk, stomach curdles Lullaby? too old Drugs? Just Say No toss and turn Hello Moon


All night the currents swirled and tugged while I floated rudderless, no course Adrift, helpless, on the brink Of capsizing, sinking But mooring lines fixed, You held steady Always my Anchor, Safe.

NaPoWriMo: Sweet, Bitter Nonnet

I'm an emotional eater, like a lot of folks, and have often turned to a "treat" for comfort during stressful times. With a few health issues lately, and the early stages of a recovery plan, I've made drastic changes to my diet. One of these thing was cutting refined sugars, and I'd been doing well--until... Continue Reading →

NaPoWriMo: Scalloped Edges

Butter sizzles, bivalves hit the pan searing edges brown while inside all tender succulence so soft that under sea snuggled in clam beds mermaids, heads on pillowy scallops, sleep

NaPoWriMo: Afternoon Tea

Last week, while on a photography outing, my friend Stella and I stopped for lunch at Adrienne's Tea Room. Afternoon tea is a big stinking deal around Victoria, a lingering Colonial tradition, and I am all about many small bites instead of a major commitment to one type of food, so of course that's what... Continue Reading →

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