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Night Lunch

I originally posted this in 2013, and it celebrates the evening ritual of "Night Lunch" in many Newfoundland homes and in particular, my mother-in-law's house. Cookies and milk? That was for Santa on Christmas Eve. A night lunch would be... Continue Reading →

NaPoWriMo: Night Lunch

I wanted to end NaPoWriMo on a big finish but then someone had to go and leave a lovely comment under last night's entry, and that put all kinds of pressure on, under which I have crumbled like a stale... Continue Reading →

NaPoWriMo: Lost Cod

The history of a new found land founded on silver shoals of cod north atlantic's gun-metal waves part,surrendering currency looted will fish be back? if only they could talk

Friday Flashback: Night Lunch

I tackled my first NaPoWriMo in 2013, kicking it off with this homage to the Newfoundland tradition of having a snack before bedtime. Night Lunch What's in there to eat b'ys, before we goes to bed? Let's have a little... Continue Reading →

The Other N-word & an Ode

We were enjoying supper at a casual restaurant the other night, the kind of place where there are regulars and the food is both good and relatively cheap. The kind of place where our server calls everyone “hon”, and is... Continue Reading →


Three of my favourite folks from my day job took me out for lunch on Friday to celebrate my last day. We headed over to Piatto, and it was fantastic--as usual; they worked very hard to get their VPN certification... Continue Reading →

Tastes of Newfoundland-Bidgood’s

I grew up thinking of Bidgood's as nothing more than a small store you dropped into on your way berry picking or "up da country" for the weekend. A couple of treats and bottles of pop and off you went.... Continue Reading →

NaPoWriMo 2013-Night Lunch

April is National Poetry Writing Month. I've stuck my toe in the poetry pool from time to time (hit the Whacky Doo tag if you want to see some brilliant examples. "Ode to a Peanut Buster Parfait" is a classic.... Continue Reading →

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