Retro Poetry

While I have not been as diligent in posting daily as I have in other years, I do like to go out with a big finish. We have company from Newfoundland on the way, Mike's sister and her husband. I am very lucky to have the assorted in-laws that I do, and can't wait to... Continue Reading →


Long Winded

It was windy today, the high winds that bring out all the birds, as though the midway has come to town. They wheel and soar and hang in the currents, from the smaller denizens of the cove like the kingfishers and sparrows, to the gulls and eagles who hang ten above the water, then dive... Continue Reading →

A Close Shave

As some of you know, I've been shaving my head as a dear friend goes through chemo, as a show of solidarity and support. Today was her chemo day, so a head shave day for me. One of the side benefits has been that in doing something for someone else, it has helped my spirits... Continue Reading →


Simmering, seething, searing, blind, burning, boiling passed pressure point EXPLODING Raging, railing, sobbing, sniffling, ebbing, expelling c a l m

Night Lunch

I originally posted this in 2013, and it celebrates the evening ritual of "Night Lunch" in many Newfoundland homes and in particular, my mother-in-law's house. Cookies and milk? That was for Santa on Christmas Eve. A night lunch would be far more substantial, something to tide you over til the next day. Or the day... Continue Reading →

You are getting sleeeepppyyyy…

When I was first diagnosed with ALS, the one thing I could not get under control was the fear. More than a fear actually, it was the sheer terror of knowing the horrific journey I was headed on, the gradual shutdown of all muscular function ending with a death likely from suffocation as my respiratory... Continue Reading →

Awake & Dreaming

True story! Seeing the Light Trying to get to sleep last night, Tossed and turned in bed When just outside my window, appeared A light, then voices said Walk towards the light, they urged me on Walk towards the light, they said The light beckoned, and danced and I felt the pull Of the voices... Continue Reading →

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