Sneak Peek

My next cookbook is scheduled for release in Spring 2015, and I just got a look at the potential cover. This is a little piece of that. There is a shot of one of the recipes under the title banner, but as it's subject to change, I haven't included it in this sneak peek. And... Continue Reading →


Simple Roast Chicken

We had snow last night, a rare occurrence for these parts. The colder weather puts a livelier spring in our dogs' steps, and sparks a strong craving for comfort cooking. Preferably something that cooks long and slow in the oven, aromas permeating the house and tantalizing noses. Tonight, it's roast chicken. Roasting a chicken doesn't... Continue Reading →

East vs West: Battle Cod

In cod we trust--or can we? On the East Coast and especially Newfoundland, cod is not just a fish. Cod is THE fish. Cod is more than a fish, actually, cod is a deity, the bringer of wealth, the currency of the settlers, the hopes and dreams of the early immigrants. And when we mismanaged... Continue Reading →

Feeding Birds

Our new, closest neighbours are birds. All kinds of birds. Out front, sea birds: seagulls, Canada geese, ducks, a lone heron, a bald eagle, and turkey vultures. Out back, the land birds: owls, crows, Stellar's jays, robins, woodpeckers, hummingbirds, fat little brown ground feeders, quails, and more of which I cannot identify. And so this... Continue Reading →

Ferries & Fishcakes

When we were on the East coast, our Newfoundland families made the trek to visit us on the Marine Atlantic ferry, which runs from Port-aux-Basques to North Sydney. Now that we're here, once again visiting family takes the ferry from Vancouver to actually, another Sidney (Ha! Just realized that. But there's a major difference in... Continue Reading →

Freestyle Chowder Base

Tomorrow, we are welcoming our first visit from family since moving west. Traditionally, whenever family crossed the Strait from Newfoundland to our house in Nova Scotia, we'd have a pot of seafood chowder waiting. Asking what our company might like for supper, and the response was chowder. And so the tradition continues! Of course, the... Continue Reading →

Here's the menu, as the picture is not that clear: Small Plates & Bowls Snow Crab Bisque 12 Curried Split Pea Soup with Coconut Milk 9 Breads & Spreads: Smoked Capelin Pate/Seal Rillettes/Rabbit Compote 15 Beet Carpaccio 10 Warm Mushroom Dandelion Salad 9 Marinated Mussel Salad 12 Large Plates & Bowls Asian Tea-Smoked Cod 22... Continue Reading →

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