Reservations about No Reservations?

I was on CBC Halifax's Mainstreet today, chatting about restaurants with "no reservation" policies. This is a new trend, sweeping in from larger American centres like New York and Washington DC. Like any story, there are two sides to this, and it's been quite the divisive issue. Having been on both the kitchen side and... Continue Reading →


Smoked Meat Sandwich

My great inspiration for a verse tonight is just what I had for supper. Which was smoked meat, so, nothing overly inspired. But what was inspired was a song that our former neighbour Jen once wrote about a smoked meat sandwich that I made, and I wish I could remember all the words. Jen's now... Continue Reading →

Who’s Coming to Dinner? 1st Guest

Ever been asked the question "If you could have dinner with anyone living or dead, who would it be?" No, me either. But I've thought about it a bit. And I think about dinner a lot. So today's poem is about one of my guest list, which I've narrowed down by choosing influential people from... Continue Reading →

Fried Eggs and Spam

Green Eggs and Ham, a children's classic. Dr. Suess used only 50 words to write this, the tale of a creature dubiously named "Sam-I-Am", who spends the book stalking the narrator, upon whom he tries to force spoiled food for some sinister reason. The narrator, worn down, exhausted, and out of options, succumbs to Sam-I-Am... Continue Reading →

Chowder. Best Ever.

I'd heard about this chowder. I'd been waiting to try it for a very long time, and finally, unexpectedly, tonight it lay before me on the table. Take a good look. What do you see? Fresh clams, plump mussels, textbook seared scallops. Under that lovely pink salmon filet lies a generous piece of haddock. Lean... Continue Reading →

Chilly, so Chili, not Chile. Chill.

The next stop of the Armchair Culinary tour was to have taken us to Robinson Crusoe island, but cold weather and driving rain diverted my attention. Because Robinson Crusoe Island is a territory of Chile, and I was looking for something warm and comforting for supper in this miserable weather, so Chile became chili and... Continue Reading →

ACT 14-Kyrgyzstan

Destination: Kyrgyz Republic Where: Central Asia, landlocked between Azerbaijan, China, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan. Snapshot: Spent time as a former Soviet state. Predominantly Muslim. The second poorest country in Asia, although rich is gold and other mineral deposits. Horses and horseback riding still play an integral role in culture, cuisine and transport. Tourism, based around the... Continue Reading →

Limoncello Tiramisu

Tirami su (Italian "pick me up") One of my favourite desserts to trot out for company is tiramisu; most people love it, it's make ahead easy, and there's usually enough left in the bowl to lick clean so I don't have to wait for dinner for a taste. A twist on the typical espresso-soaked ladyfingers... Continue Reading →

In My Own Backyard

Sometimes you don't have to travel the world to see the most beautiful sights. Easy Decadent Hot Chocolate 2 servings of your favourite hot choc mix, prepared w 1 portion of water ( so double strength) Coffee cream 11% Baileys Cinnamon Heavy cream 35% Dark Chocolate Prepare hot chocolate, add a tablespoon or two of... Continue Reading →

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