NaPoWriMo: Moose, Meet, Threepeat

Winding down National Poetry Writing Month on the blog, and in reviewing the stats see that this particular piece is far and away the most viewed. So, I present it again, as I tried to make the midnight deadline with an original piece that just isn't working. Maybe tomorrow.     Autumn morning, rising sun... Continue Reading →


Trout, Out

Because some things just can't be mailed in a care package. Oh how we long for small brook trout For ten long months we've been without In frying pan while butter sizzles, With crispy skins and pale pink middles Our family sent some bottled moose Best heated up in it's own juice A jar of... Continue Reading →

NaBloPoMo's Armchair Culinary Tour will return tomorrow. Tonight, may I present, FLANK STEAK! I'm in the middle of recipe testing for my next book, and one of these recipes is a marinade for moose steak. Moose is very lean, and steaks can have the texture of old boots if not prepared carefully. In lieu of... Continue Reading →

Tastes of Newfoundland-Bidgood’s

I grew up thinking of Bidgood's as nothing more than a small store you dropped into on your way berry picking or "up da country" for the weekend. A couple of treats and bottles of pop and off you went. That little store has turned into a the premiere shopping destination for gourmands and lovers... Continue Reading →

Moose, Meet

    Autumn morning, rising sun burnishing barrens gold Father and son wait patiently For glimpse of brown through brush Moose steps into field of sight Son shoulders .308 with steady aim He finds his mark Bull turns its massive antlered head With regal grace and pride of place And for a moment gazes lock... Continue Reading →

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