Foodie: a word as loaded as a first year uni student at the Lower Deck on Saturday afternoon. Since it's inception in the early '80's (yes, it's been around that long) "foodie" has people ranting about the word and what it means. And now, I've been referred to, albeit innocuously, by a friend as a... Continue Reading →


Boo-ya base

I'm a great speller, always have been. But there are a couple of words that no matter how hard I try to memorize, I just cannot get the letters in the right order, and "bouillabaisse" is one of them. Just had to Google it, in fact. Now with Hallowe'en coming and all, I'm riffing on... Continue Reading →

Nothing to “Rhu” @ Rhubarb!

Long a fan of Chef Jon Geneau, when he surfaced at Rhubarb I knew I'd have to make that pilgrimage to Indian Point to check it out. A couple of weeks ago, my friend Linda and I drive out to see what his kitchen was serving up. Rhubarb was operating as a fine dining restaurant... Continue Reading →

Fid Farewell

Received this sad news release today: "After 13 years in business, the owners of one of Halifax's best known and respected dining establishments, FID Resto, announced today that the restaurant will close by the end of May. The lease was up for renewal and this provided a natural timeline for the owners to review their... Continue Reading →

Taste Of Nova Scotia Awards

Here's the press release regarding this year's Taste of Nova Scotia awards. VOTE!  Nominate Your Favourite Taste of Nova Scotia Culinary Experiences Halifax, N.S. –Taste of Nova Scotia is inviting food and wine enthusiasts to nominate their favourite restaurant, server, local food product as well as a Nova Scotia culinary ambassador again this summer. The annual Taste... Continue Reading →

elements of taste, part 1

Ever have a meal so incredibly good, so well balanced, so full of flavour, such a visual and palatable delight that you knew you could never do it justice because there just weren't enough superlatives in the language to do it justice? I've eaten a lot of food in pursuit of just such a meal.... Continue Reading →

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