NaPoWriMo: Paleo-ing

I once found a recipe bucket, Labeled “Paleo-try it, don’t chuck it!” After seing detailed All that entailed Well if this is a trend, I say buck it. I kid, of course. But I assume if you're eating like a caveman you're eschewing modern forms of communication and will have no way of seeing this,... Continue Reading →


NaPoWriMo: Hedgehog Limerick

I was recently gifted a treat A hedgehog, of chocolate, how sweet! Without any quill, There’s no harm nor ill will Unless way too many you eat (You can check out Purdys Chocolate Hedgehogs and other goodies here)

Hot Chocolate Limerick

From trying to shake off an oncoming cold springs forth today's poetic inspiration. A big cup of chocolate, hot Will work, more often than not To make one feel better When under the weather (That's if a rum tot you don't got)

Lupper Limerick

(In which I shamelessly steal the word "lupper" from the madraGs.) We all know the meaning of brunch, A combo of breakfast and lunch Late lunch/early supper? Let's call that lupper! Henceforth, a late afternoon munch

Meat, My Limerick

A vegan I happened to greet Questioned my choices to eat And was shocked and appalled When quite loudly I bawled I LOVE veggies, that’s why I eat meat!

Goops Redux

In penning my poem today, I'm taking the limerick way Cooking for guests The house is a mess No time for this poet to play! In lieu of a lengthier original poem, here's a favourite from last years' NaPoWriMo: (Originally posted April 25, 2013) The Goops is a book I fondly remember from my childhood, both... Continue Reading →

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