Nothing to Escoffier At

Yesterday's NaPoWriMo entry was admittedly weak, a quickfire bit that I slammed out on my phone while sitting in the living room late last night, trying to squeak in a post before the date clicked over and I missed a day. But I had a lovely reason for doing so: we had family visiting, and... Continue Reading →


The Charge of the Kitchen Brigade

The Charge of the Light Brigade, Tennyson's brilliant work about the Battle of Balaclava, is one of those poems of which fragments stick in my mind long after my school days. The vivid imagery, the use of words and rhythm to convey movement and urgency, the repetition of phrase to echo the volleys of the... Continue Reading →


Because cooks are the same everywhere. This is part of the culinary brigade responsible for the castle meal, snapped as they relaxed under the drawbridge after an awesome service. Prost!

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