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jack & fleur

A Hello, A Goodbye

My author copies of A Real Newfoundland Scoff arrived the week before last, and I was thrilled to at last have the book in my hands; this, my most personal project. That joy was shredded by the loss of Fleur,... Continue Reading →

Newf Nibbles: In Which Fleur Assists With a Cookbook Review

One of the best things about moving to the West Coast has been the warm welcome from the Newfoundland dog community out here. Generous with advice, recommendations, and time, these folks have made us feel at home with our dogs.... Continue Reading →

Dog Days: In which Fleur explores Whiffen Spit Park

Fleur: Hi! I had a BIG adventure today! An' I wanted to tell you all about it! And Jack wasn't there because he didn't wanna get up in the truck, and it's because he's OLDER but I'm not old yet... Continue Reading →

Road Trip: Mission BC to Victoria BC (The end of the road)

Fleur: Sleepy head! Get up! Last day on the road! GET UP GET UP GET UP! Jack: I'm tired. Fleur: We left Mission and went for a boat ride! It was the ferry to Vancouver Island! We were on it!... Continue Reading →

Road Trip: Revelstoke BC to Mission BC

Fleur: We got up this morning in the Rockies! And tomorrow we'll be at the end of our trip! And we had a hamburger and Jack didn't want his half so I had ALL of it! What a great day!... Continue Reading →

Road Trip: Airdrie AB to Revelstoke BC

Jack: We had a rest day yesterday, Mom took off to see some place with dinosaurs, and it was so hot we just hung out in the hotel room with Dad. Fleur: I didn't like just hanging out! I wanted... Continue Reading →

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