Who’s Coming to Dinner? 1st Guest

Ever been asked the question "If you could have dinner with anyone living or dead, who would it be?" No, me either. But I've thought about it a bit. And I think about dinner a lot. So today's poem is about one of my guest list, which I've narrowed down by choosing influential people from... Continue Reading →


Bicycle Thief Steals My (Culinary) Heart

Beef tenderloin, rare. Peppercorn crusted. Drizzled with balsamic vinegar. Fries sprinkled with truffle oil and parmesan. Vegetables bursting with flavour, al dente. Flawless. Housemade peanut butter gelato sundae. Distinct, bright peanut butter flavour. Hot fudge. Chocolate, rich, smooth, neither grainy nor overly sweet. Peanut butter brittle. Crunchy-crumbly. Flawless. Service: "we have a nice shiraz that... Continue Reading →

Foodie souvenirs: the Good

Whenever I'm lucky enough to travel, I always bring back some food item. It could be the specialty of the region, something from a local market, or an unusual ingredient that I can't get at home. For the most part, I like what I bring home and am very happy, as in the case of... Continue Reading →

back to the blog

So the problem with taking off so much blog time is that all kinds of things happen, and then you don't know where to start... Since I last posted, Mix lost Ray Bear and closed after hobbling along a few more painful weeks, and idiotic comments about Bear and fine dining (or "dinning", as one... Continue Reading →

critic on the critics thursdays-part deux

This week, CoastHill does the requisite summer roundup of street food with Bud the Spud starring, and HeraldSpurr goes Vietnamese with Indochine Bahn mi. Meh. (crickets chirping here). Although Spurr does go on the offensive and cuts off the typical response that comes with any ethnic resto review--somebody will write in to let you know... Continue Reading →

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