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Sunset Promises

Here in the cove, we've witnessed many incredible sunsets, like the above picture. Tonight's sunset, below, was not particularly spectacular, unless maybe you see things a little differently. Sunset Promises Wind-whipped whitecaps turn blue water grey Rain menaced, no delivery... Continue Reading →

Corners, turned

Stagleap Provincial Park I haven't written in some time, but not because I've been feeling poorly. Just the opposite, in fact. As the reality of ALS hit, and sank in, and various stages of grief were navigated, it gradually became...normal.... Continue Reading →

Money Can’t Buy Me Love

But it can buy everything from walkers to motorized wheelchairs, from custom leg braces to hospital beds, from mental health counselling to round-the-clock personal in-home care. In BC, all ALS patients who register with the BC ALS society are taken... Continue Reading →

And then a light came on…

Carpe diem. Seize the day. We know the catchphrases, these bits of wisdom imploring us not to waste time, to live each day to the fullest. Live each day like it was your last! But once you know that the... Continue Reading →

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