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Halifax Tastes

Hfx Tastes-Favourites

(photo is an iphoto shot of the picture in the book; original photo by Scott Munn) One of the questions I've been asked a lot about Hfx Tastes is what my favourite recipe is. Having kitchen tested each of them... Continue Reading →

Making the Rounds with Halifax Tastes

95.7 Interview, with Jordi Morgan Last Thursday, I was on 95.7 News radio's Maritime Morning w/Jordi Morgan chatting about Halifax Tastes. I had a good time, considering I'm not much into publicity (years as a restaurant reviewer had suited my... Continue Reading →

Halifax Tastes!

Got a look at the cover of Halifax Tastes back in January, and now here it is! Shipped to stores today, and I'll be back with news of the book launch. This one has recipes from HRM favourites like Fid,... Continue Reading →

Halifax Tastes

The Nimbus Spring Catalogue has arrived and with it, my first glimpse of Halifax Tastes. Halifax Tastes is the next in Nimbus' "Tastes" line of books, and the second one that I've authored. The book will be released in May... Continue Reading →

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