The East Coast Fish & Chip Blues

I have often said how very lucky I am to have been embraced by a great crowd of Big Dog people on this coast, and after mentioning in my first NaPoWriMo post how the smell of vinegar could trigger fish & chip cravings, one of those Big Dog people decided that I might like that... Continue Reading →


Review: Haultain Fish & Chips

I had not had fish and chips since leaving the East Coast back in July, for a couple of reasons. Prime one? As a Newfoundlander, fish and chips means cod. Living in Nova Scotia for so long, fish and chips means haddock. Out on this coast? Fish and chips can mean Pacific cod (not as... Continue Reading →

One Fish, Two Fish, Slow Fish, New Fish

Did you know October is Slow Fish Month? I, woefully, did not, until last night. Slow Fish is a campaign launched by Slow Food Canada, as a way of connecting Canadians with their marine meals. In a maritime province like Nova Scotia, it's pretty important to our food resources to understand where and how our... Continue Reading →

Chowder recipe, just for the Halibut!

Is is just me, or does winter seem be dragging on longer this year? The unusually cold weather has been replaced by relatively balmy days of 1C-2C, for sure. But there's still far too much snow around, and I feel perpetually achy. Today, it's cold, and damp, and dismally gray. Perfect day for soup. (Caution:... Continue Reading →

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