Mindfulness, Haiku

worse than yesterday, better than my tomorrows I live for today


Departure Haiku

Departure Haiku visitor has gone house is seemingly empty yet our hearts are full


When Mom made homemade bread, as many Newfoundlanders did, there was always a bit of leftover dough that would be rolled into little buns and fried in butter. These tasty treats are called toutons, tiffens, or damper dogs, depending on what part of the province you're from. Touton Haiku pillowy soft bun outwardly browned, split... Continue Reading →

Going to the Dogs

We feed our dogs a raw diet, and often laugh when we compare our bowls to theirs, because we put more thought into ensuring they have a healthy, varied diet while not being as worried over ours. Tonight, they enjoyed local lamb necks, free range eggs and wild salmon while I had cookies and ice... Continue Reading →

Haiku: If You Can’t Beet ’em, Enjoy ’em

Grace under fire Beets perform their best when they Are in a pickle SNEAK PEEK RECIPE Beet Carpaccio (From A Real Newfoundland Scoff, release date May 16 & currently available for pre-order on Amazon.ca) Growing up, I never had a beet that wasn’t pickled--I thought they grew that way. I know better now. Although there’s... Continue Reading →


As with the previous three years, I get midway through National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo) and think to myself "really? Did I really think I could post a poem about food every day for a month?" And this after somewhat cheating by already using a repeat post, and yesterday's off topic rant. And did I... Continue Reading →

Shrimp Haikus

classic or passé on which side do you fall of the shrimp cocktail debate? tempura battered sweet prawns sizzling golden brown dipped in salty soy

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