top chef canada returns!

Season 2 cast of cheftestants unveiled here Interesting assortment: not as provincially representative as the first season, but a ton of talent with lots of big names in their backgrounds. Who'll be the "bad guy"? Who's the "dark horse"? Who's the "crack under pressure" one? Who thinks overuse of quotation marks is annoying? Meet me... Continue Reading →


Food Blogs of 2011

I read a lot of food blogs. Some I check in on regularly, some sporadically. Informational, recreational, local and international, I browse all kinds. But my all time favourite for this year, the one that I return to time and time again, is the hysterical snarkfest that is Food Network Humor "Cook with them. Laugh with... Continue Reading →

back to the blog

So the problem with taking off so much blog time is that all kinds of things happen, and then you don't know where to start... Since I last posted, Mix lost Ray Bear and closed after hobbling along a few more painful weeks, and idiotic comments about Bear and fine dining (or "dinning", as one... Continue Reading →

top chef canada week 2

Quickfire challenge--cheese!  Cook with Canadian cheese!  How hard can that be?  Apparently, very difficult. Dale and Francois don't finish in time, and Clayton sucks. Todd from Newfoundland wins!  Yeah, Todd, represent!  He gets immunity and is quite pleased, actually, he looks pretty relieved.  Here's a BIG twist!  This is a high stakes quickfire!  The bottom... Continue Reading →

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