The East Coast Fish & Chip Blues

I have often said how very lucky I am to have been embraced by a great crowd of Big Dog people on this coast, and after mentioning in my first NaPoWriMo post how the smell of vinegar could trigger fish & chip cravings, one of those Big Dog people decided that I might like that... Continue Reading →


Review: Haultain Fish & Chips

I had not had fish and chips since leaving the East Coast back in July, for a couple of reasons. Prime one? As a Newfoundlander, fish and chips means cod. Living in Nova Scotia for so long, fish and chips means haddock. Out on this coast? Fish and chips can mean Pacific cod (not as... Continue Reading →

East vs. West: Battle Halibut

Halibut is one of my very favourite fish to work with. The firm, meaty flesh is versatile and stands up to many cooking techniques, the mild taste is beautiful on it's own, but can carry stronger flavours equally well, and being a flatfish, it's particularly easy to bone and fillet. Atlantic (Hippoglossus hippoglossus) and Pacific... Continue Reading →

Chip Truck Spring

Signs of spring are all around, Newly budding flowers found And longer days with warmer rays Cast shadows long on thawing ground The lake shakes straggling shards of ice As field and woods flee winters vise But while these things portend the spring The gourmand is thrilled by other choice He reckons that the winter’s... Continue Reading →

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