Resto revolution

This was for the Coast's 20th Anniversary edition--I love going "home" to write articles for the Coast. I just figured out how to share it here though. 🙂 Resto revolution.


In the blink of an Elephant’s Eye

It seems like only yesterday I reviewed the Elephant's Eye Cafe; at the time I loved the food so much I thought the owner should clear out the tchotchkes and various things for sale and put in more tables. And, eventually, that's what Daphne Hocquard and partner Brenda Critch did, putting out fresh, inventive meals... Continue Reading →

Bicycle Thief Steals My (Culinary) Heart

Beef tenderloin, rare. Peppercorn crusted. Drizzled with balsamic vinegar. Fries sprinkled with truffle oil and parmesan. Vegetables bursting with flavour, al dente. Flawless. Housemade peanut butter gelato sundae. Distinct, bright peanut butter flavour. Hot fudge. Chocolate, rich, smooth, neither grainy nor overly sweet. Peanut butter brittle. Crunchy-crumbly. Flawless. Service: "we have a nice shiraz that... Continue Reading →

Halifax Dining, 25 years ago

I found this little gem among my cookbooks; I picked it up a few years ago in a used bookstore and had forgotten about it. "Some Good!  City Food" (Judith Comfort) was published in 1987--25 years ago this year. I've never cooked out of this book, the recipes are in italics and not especially easy... Continue Reading →

dirty dining

A few years ago I wrote a Coast piece on the news that the Dept of Agriculture was putting Nova Scotia Food Establishment Inspection Reports online. Every now and then, I like to have a look and see who's been naughty.  Given that Halifax is a harbour town, it doesn't surprise me that the occasional... Continue Reading →

critic on the critics thursdays

Where to get ice cream is the foodie feature in the Coast. I already have a spot so I turn to HeraldSpurr, who trumpets the goodness of the Lower Deck. I haven't been back to the Lower Deck since I almost died from being trapped on the stickiness of the bathroom floors, after spending a... Continue Reading →

top chef canada week 7

Back after a break to deal with some family business.  And just my luck, Michael Smith is the guest judge for the Quickfire. Remember his downtown Halifax restaurant Maple? The secret ingredient is All Bran cereal--and they have to create an inspired dish with it. I suspect product placement. Can there BE more boxes of... Continue Reading →

calling baton rouge: preview

The sign said "Opening Soon: Baton Rouge". Looks like the Morse's Tea Building was finally getting a tenant.  Baton Rouge, sounds good, I thought. I love Cajun-Creole cooking. There used to be such a restaurant in Halifax at one time, I vaguely remember--was it called Cindy's, maybe?  My thoughts drifted to jambalaya, cornbread, dirty rice,... Continue Reading →

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