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downtown halifax

Big (Pig) Day Downtown, Finale

My last card is "Offbeat". And not only is my last stop of the day offbeat, it combines 2 of my favourite things: bacon and chocolate. Yup, it's further down the boardwalk to the Canadian Bacon Cookhouse for a skewer... Continue Reading →

Big (Pig) Day Downtown Pt 2

Next card? Satisfying. We warded off the meat sweats induced by Boneheads by waddling over to the Seaport Farmers' Market, where I knew I could get satisfaction. Chocolate shares the spot next to the magical animal pig's place in my... Continue Reading →

Big (Pig) Day Downtown

Every year the Downtown Halifax Business Commission sponsors a promo called "Big Day Downtown". Local bloggers, armed with a VISA gift card, run wild downtown and blog about it. And this year I got an invite. Now, I have a confession. I... Continue Reading →

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