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dinner party

Dinner is Served

One of the most important facets of our lives, that of sitting and eating dinner with friends and family, has been dangerously eroded. Hectic schedules mean grab and go meals. Drive-throughs facilitate that. And how many of us take the... Continue Reading →

All Hands on Deck

If there's a better way to spend a summer evening than with good food and great company, I can't imagine it. We haul the kitchen table out onto the back deck, plan a no-fuss menu, and take some time from... Continue Reading →

Lambfest–not baaaaaaad.

One whole lamb from Getaway Meat Mongers. Local? Check. Fresh? Check. Delicious? I hoped to do it justice. I am a firm believer in family dinners. In our wired, frantic, drive-through world, the idea of gathering around the table seems... Continue Reading →

Just a Taste

With an upcoming dinner party to plan, my thoughts turn to tasting menus. Small plates, little bites, whatever you call them, I love serving many courses of tiny portions. Not only is it more fun for me, but if my... Continue Reading →

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

We'd been waiting for Chinese New Year since...well, last Chinese New Year. Along with the fireworks and red envelopes, the Chinese New Year has family and friends at the heart of the celebration. And at a time when it's all... Continue Reading →

Indulgent Comfort Menu

“A Nice Bowl of Hot Soup” Cuban black bean soup/snow crab “Liver & Onions” Foie gras/asian pear/caramelized red onion/calvados reduction “Meatloaf” North African lamb/raisins/apple/almonds/curry/apple sauce “Mac & Cheese” Macaroni/lobster/oak smoked cheddar/cream/tarragon “Sunday Dinner” Quail/wild rice/porcini/chanterelles/pomegranate glaze/pomegranate reduction Beef Wellington/tenderloin/mushroom duxelle/puff... Continue Reading →

Indulgent Comfort

Comfort me with apples, for I am sick with love-Song of Solomon To hell with apples, I wanted to be comforted with good food, good company, and good cheer. Having each suffered a personal loss in a short span of... Continue Reading →

It’s all about the company

It's all about the company, our gracious hostess said, as I ooohed and aaaahed over our meal. We'd been invited out for dinner, and I just love it when someone else cooks for me. Having been a chef and a... Continue Reading →

back to the blog

So the problem with taking off so much blog time is that all kinds of things happen, and then you don't know where to start... Since I last posted, Mix lost Ray Bear and closed after hobbling along a few... Continue Reading →

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