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Feeding My Habit

While I love my e-reader for certain genres (fiction, for example), I remain firmly in the "real book" camp for others and in particular, cookbooks. A cookbook junkie, I received my latest fix in the mail today: not pure cookbooks,... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year’s Resolution, resolved.

Oh, the torment of the New Year's Resolution, empty promises made to be broken; February Kijiji ads littered with the broken remnants of good intentions. Determination and willpower dissolve faster than the fireworks that ushered them in. A treadmill here,... Continue Reading →

Wild Food & Trout Point Lodge Cookbook Land and Sea will feature foragers this Sunday. Not surprising, as we embrace our roots and delight in the inspirations of local ingredients to see that wild food foraging is on the upswing. But long before "locavore" became part... Continue Reading →

I can't be the only one who has cookbooks just for the pictures, can I? Charlie Trotter: these were my first "pornfood" cookbooks. Close up shots of food, expertly retouched, and oh so drool-worthy. These gorgeous Duguid/Alford books read more... Continue Reading →

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