Feeding My Habit

While I love my e-reader for certain genres (fiction, for example), I remain firmly in the "real book" camp for others and in particular, cookbooks. A cookbook junkie, I received my latest fix in the mail today: not pure cookbooks, this was cut with two others--a guidebook, and an art book.     This little... Continue Reading →


Happy New Year’s Resolution, resolved.

Oh, the torment of the New Year's Resolution, empty promises made to be broken; February Kijiji ads littered with the broken remnants of good intentions. Determination and willpower dissolve faster than the fireworks that ushered them in. A treadmill here, a smoking cessation kit there. I can't live with the pressure, so I don't put... Continue Reading →

I can't be the only one who has cookbooks just for the pictures, can I? Charlie Trotter: these were my first "pornfood" cookbooks. Close up shots of food, expertly retouched, and oh so drool-worthy. These gorgeous Duguid/Alford books read more like travel books. Incredible pictures of the land, the people; more than just collections of... Continue Reading →

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