Sneak Peek

My next cookbook is scheduled for release in Spring 2015, and I just got a look at the potential cover. This is a little piece of that. There is a shot of one of the recipes under the title banner, but as it's subject to change, I haven't included it in this sneak peek. And... Continue Reading →


Newf Nibbles: In Which Fleur Assists With a Cookbook Review

One of the best things about moving to the West Coast has been the warm welcome from the Newfoundland dog community out here. Generous with advice, recommendations, and time, these folks have made us feel at home with our dogs. I had occasion to visit one of these lovely people, and we got to talking... Continue Reading →

Cookbook Score: Bella Coola PTA

It's been too long since my last post, and I'm sorry for that; I've been dealing with a calcification in my rotator cuff, and a "frozen" shoulder that makes it difficult to write. It's been a slow haul back to the keyboard, but shockwave & other physical therapy is starting to work a little magic.... Continue Reading →

Testing, testing, one-two-three.

You know when you pick up a cookbook, and choose a recipe, and then make it, and it turns out? That's a result of a well-written recipe that had a lot of work in the background before it got to you. And to make them that way, a lot of kitchen testing was involved. These... Continue Reading →


Knife block, chopping block, apprenticeship blocks--cooking is full of blocks. "Blocked" was an expression we used at home to mean full, as in can't eat another bite my dear I'm blocked! And now I add another one--cooking block. In the midst of recipe testing for the cookbook I'm working on, and I am experiencing a... Continue Reading →

I can't be the only one who has cookbooks just for the pictures, can I? Charlie Trotter: these were my first "pornfood" cookbooks. Close up shots of food, expertly retouched, and oh so drool-worthy. These gorgeous Duguid/Alford books read more like travel books. Incredible pictures of the land, the people; more than just collections of... Continue Reading →

WOTS up?

    This year, Halifax's Word on the Street festival has an exciting addition:the Cooks & Books stage!  And guess what? I'm going to be there with Chowders and Soups! And in esteemed company, at that. Michael Howell, one of my contemporary culinary idols, will be there. Legendary Grillmaster Ted Reader will be on hand, as... Continue Reading →

A picture is worth 1000 forks…

Before the first aroma, the first bite, comes the first look. We leaf through cookbooks looking for recipes based on pictures. A glimpse of a dessert at another diner's table can cause previously full stomachs to change their minds. Images of food can turn us into Pavlov's dog, setting our salivary glands awash and kickstarting... Continue Reading →

Halifax Dining, 25 years ago

I found this little gem among my cookbooks; I picked it up a few years ago in a used bookstore and had forgotten about it. "Some Good!  City Food" (Judith Comfort) was published in 1987--25 years ago this year. I've never cooked out of this book, the recipes are in italics and not especially easy... Continue Reading →

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