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comfort food

Bucket List

So apparently when one is dying one ought to have a Bucket List. Of course, all the well-prepared organized types will have their lists and be working on them long before they need to, and now being in the situation... Continue Reading →

And then a light came on…

Carpe diem. Seize the day. We know the catchphrases, these bits of wisdom imploring us not to waste time, to live each day to the fullest. Live each day like it was your last! But once you know that the... Continue Reading →

Tasteless. Humour.

I have lost my sense of taste. I realized it while eating my dinner the other night. Subtle notes of fresh halibut floated away off the plate. Forget the delicate florals of the herbes de Provence in the ratatouille. Even... Continue Reading →

With broken hearts

It can't happen here--until it did. This morning, we turned on our televisions to see an unbelievable tragedy, a chain of events that left a soldier dead and a nation in shock. We have been attacked at the very heart... Continue Reading →

Sick Selfie

As so often happens this time of year, especially with family visits, the flu has set in. Now, in Newfoundland, a declaration of having a cold is immediately queried with "Where'd you get that?" I'm not sure why that's important,... Continue Reading →

More Thought than Food

Lots of stuff going on, which has led to a dearth of blog postings and I really need to not let that happen as I run on momentum. And once the blog post momentum is gone, this trail goes off... Continue Reading →

Nothing to “Rhu” @ Rhubarb!

Long a fan of Chef Jon Geneau, when he surfaced at Rhubarb I knew I'd have to make that pilgrimage to Indian Point to check it out. A couple of weeks ago, my friend Linda and I drive out to... Continue Reading →

Comfort Food (when “Soft Kitty” just won’t do)

Feeling under the weather, as I am today, my thoughts turn to comfort food. Like warm internal hugs, those are the foods that make you feel better. These foods might be childhood favourites (mac & cheese) or naughty foods (chocolate... Continue Reading →

Indulgent Comfort Menu

“A Nice Bowl of Hot Soup” Cuban black bean soup/snow crab “Liver & Onions” Foie gras/asian pear/caramelized red onion/calvados reduction “Meatloaf” North African lamb/raisins/apple/almonds/curry/apple sauce “Mac & Cheese” Macaroni/lobster/oak smoked cheddar/cream/tarragon “Sunday Dinner” Quail/wild rice/porcini/chanterelles/pomegranate glaze/pomegranate reduction Beef Wellington/tenderloin/mushroom duxelle/puff... Continue Reading →

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