O Christmas Tree

See that huge tree on the right? Hanging over the walkway? Kind of looks like a sorry pine to me, but tree id isn't my strong suit. It has strange looking cones that resemble upside down wasp nests. And the needles seem to grow blue then turn silver. Even during heavy rain, the branches are... Continue Reading →


Christmas Wish List

Christmas is all about snow, and I was missing snow earlier this month. If only, I thought, if only I could see snow again! Then it snowed in Victoria, enough to blanket the ground for a couple of days. Well, maybe not a big warm blanket, maybe a sheet. No, wait, that would be a... Continue Reading →


Years ago, far from our families and alone for the holidays, we decided to go to a hotel for the Christmas Day buffet. It was almost a magical experience; at a window table in the historic hotel's original grand ballroom, the snow falling softly and the twinkling lights of the Christmas tree nearby, it was... Continue Reading →

…and to all, a good night

Seems to be fashionable these days to have a hate on for Christmas, to sneer about the commercialization of the season, and lack of meaning, and the “crass mess” that it’s become. And there’s no doubt that the lights seem to go up earlier every year, that the mall music turns to carols before the... Continue Reading →

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