A Real Newfoundland Scoff: Untraditional Seafood Chowder

Since announcing the upcoming release of A Real Newfoundland Scoff, I've been asked if there's a chance of sharing any recipes, of giving a sneak peek. Aiming to please, voila! Untraditional Atlantic Seafood Chowder This chowder was inspired by one from Steve Galvin, an accomplished chef with whom I was working at the time of... Continue Reading →


Hamming it up

Cooler weather has set in, and with it, the desire for more substantial, belly-warming meals. One of our favourite meals for late fall is a comfort food classic, ham with scalloped potatoes. Thing is, that's a lot of leftovers when there are only two people eating it, so the question is, what to do with... Continue Reading →

Falling into comfort food

The leaves are changing colour and a chill is creeping into the ever-lengthing evening shadows, and memories of autumns past come rushing to the fore. The fall was when my mother- and father-in-law made their pilgrimage from Newfoundland to Nova Scotia to visit us; after his passing, my mother-in-law continued to make the trip and... Continue Reading →

East vs. West: Battle Halibut

Halibut is one of my very favourite fish to work with. The firm, meaty flesh is versatile and stands up to many cooking techniques, the mild taste is beautiful on it's own, but can carry stronger flavours equally well, and being a flatfish, it's particularly easy to bone and fillet. Atlantic (Hippoglossus hippoglossus) and Pacific... Continue Reading →

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