dessert math

Fresh local strawberries + cracked black pepper + chocolate balsamic vinegar = amazingly easy, incredibly elegant dessert.


pair of pastry poetry

haiku: dark choc'late inside flaky pastry layers out thank you Julien's sonnet how do I love thee, let me count the ways starting with your flaky butter layers I so look forward to my Saturdays ignore my caloric intake naysayers with hope run rampant through my eager heart I make my trek to Bedford Pete's... Continue Reading →

Ode to a Peanut Buster Parfait

March 21, 11.45pm, and out on my back deck it's 21C. In March. In Nova Scotia. I have winter tires on my car, a rusty bottomed barbecue, and a army of bottled soups and frozen stews--clearly, I am unprepared for this sudden onset of warmer weather. (In my defence, I come from a province where... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Oreo!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY OREO! I'm a FudgeO girl myself, never found the outsides of the Oreo's quite chocolaty enough. But a century is something to be celebrated, no matter how your cookie crumbles!  I'm off to get a glass of milk and dunk a couple of cookies in an Oreo toast.  (Photo credit: Fritz Saalfeld)

Birthday cake

It's not my birthday, but I wish it was so I could have a cake like this. Draped in a silken layer of chocolate ganache, tarted up with white chocolate curls and fresh berries.

food haiku

caramelizing onion  red yellow green leek great four onion soup choc'late molten cake pours out its heart then empty is consumed with love fragrant aromas grill sizzles taste buds tingle barbecue ribs and steak

chocolate and beer, oh my

From Taste of Nova Scotia: "Introducing BREW BAR by Garrison Brewing and Sugah! HALIFAX, NS – May 2, 2011 – What happens when you combine Roasted Barley and Black Malt from one of Canada's top craft brewers with rich European Dark Chocolate? The BREW BAR! Two great Halifax waterfront institutions – Garrison Brewing and Sugah!... Continue Reading →

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