Gong Xi Fa Cai!

We'd been waiting for Chinese New Year since...well, last Chinese New Year. Along with the fireworks and red envelopes, the Chinese New Year has family and friends at the heart of the celebration. And at a time when it's all about the company, we were happy to be invited back to usher in the Year... Continue Reading →


It’s all about the company

It's all about the company, our gracious hostess said, as I ooohed and aaaahed over our meal. We'd been invited out for dinner, and I just love it when someone else cooks for me. Having been a chef and a critic, some people has expressed a discomfort or unwillingness in preparing a meal for me,... Continue Reading →

critic on the critics thursdays

HeraldSpurr reviews a golf club restaurant--c'mon Bill, how many of your readers will eat there? ¬†You're not getting lazy are you? Whilst over at the Coast, Craig Pinhey writes about Canada's antiquated border booze laws that restrict consumer choice and put us at the whim of the NSLC. Which kind of fits right in with... Continue Reading →

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