double down

Arguably the most controversial piece of fast food ever, the double down is back in canada after selling over a million sandwiches last year. This version is "healthier", having reduced the amount of sodium, fat and overall calories--but is the double down really the demon spawn of fast food? It's been vilified in the press,... Continue Reading →


top chef canada week 7

Back after a break to deal with some family business.  And just my luck, Michael Smith is the guest judge for the Quickfire. Remember his downtown Halifax restaurant Maple? The secret ingredient is All Bran cereal--and they have to create an inspired dish with it. I suspect product placement. Can there BE more boxes of... Continue Reading →

calling baton rouge: preview

The sign said "Opening Soon: Baton Rouge". Looks like the Morse's Tea Building was finally getting a tenant.  Baton Rouge, sounds good, I thought. I love Cajun-Creole cooking. There used to be such a restaurant in Halifax at one time, I vaguely remember--was it called Cindy's, maybe?  My thoughts drifted to jambalaya, cornbread, dirty rice,... Continue Reading →

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