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canadian cuisine

elements of taste, part 1

Ever have a meal so incredibly good, so well balanced, so full of flavour, such a visual and palatable delight that you knew you could never do it justice because there just weren't enough superlatives in the language to do... Continue Reading →

Halifax Dining, 25 years ago

I found this little gem among my cookbooks; I picked it up a few years ago in a used bookstore and had forgotten about it. "Some Good!  City Food" (Judith Comfort) was published in 1987--25 years ago this year. I've... Continue Reading →

top chef canada week week 10

An alarm goes off and cheftestants wake up. Lots of morning interviews. Connie feels terrible for being on the bottom last week. You know, is there really absolutely nothing new to be said in these interviews? Guest judge is Lynn... Continue Reading →

Culinary Heritage and Prizes

 I was excited to learn this week that my cookbook, South Shore Tastes, has been nominated in the English-language Canadian Culinary Culture category of the 2011 Canadian Culinary Book Awards, managed by Cuisine Canada and the University of Guelph. The... Continue Reading →

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